Project Sunshine

About Project Sunshine

   Server info

    Max. Level: 99/70
   Base /Job Exp: 5x - Quest Exp: 5x - Equip Drop: 5x - Card Drop: 5x
  MVP/ Mini-Boss Card: 2x - MVP Drop: Individual - Mini-Boss Drop: 3x
 Server Episode: 11.3 Nameless Island (Pre Renewal)
Max. Clients per person: 2

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  Classic gameplay experience

   We have decided to provide the community with a server
  that can bring back the good old times.
 Our goal is to focus on the classic aspects of the game
and improve upon what is already provided!

  Quality of Life improvements

  On our server, we've prioritized quality of life improvements to enhance the overall gaming experience.
 Our focus is on providing a more enjoyable and player-friendly environment for the community.

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  No Pay2Win, ever!

   On Project Sunshine, we are committed to maintaining a fair and enjoyable
  gaming experience for all players, and we want to assure you that we will never
 introduce pay-to-win elements. Your enjoyment and fair competition within
the game are of utmost importance to us.


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